Firework display pictures

At New Years it was a great time for watching shows. Seeing fireworks on the television, the light displays, discovering new and the past (music, stories and more). Some of these pictures are from the past!

firework display 1 firework display 2 firework display 3 firework display 4 firework display 5 firework display 6 firework display 7 firework display 8


Photos from Zoo conservation (on instagram)

zoo conservation zoo conservation zoo conservation zoo conservation zoo conservation zoo conservation zoo conservation

Thu, 13 Jan 2022


a snowman

photographs of UK snow days back in 2009 (2009-02-02):

snowman rising snowman and mini snowman mini snowman dashing mini snowman duck face

22 Dec 2021


stories in graphic novels

adult swim interlude bedtime adult swim of crimson dawn cosplay adult swim happening gentlemen_league_interlude gentlemen_league-discoveries-can-be-interesting xmen_magneto_onslaught_episode xmen_prof_x_onslaught_episode xmen_kicks1 xmen_julilee_logan_crossover gen x monet jubilee gen x come to me crimson_dawn_3 crimson_dawn_2 crimson_dawn_1 xmen_starjammers2_crossover xmen_shiar_starjammers_crossover xmen_brood_crossover2 xmen_brood_crossover xmen_legion_crossover xmen_shiar_prof_x_crossover xmen_comics

More pictures from Brood, Gamecube colour (the Twitch discussion) in comments on twitter link (

instagram link ( for more of these instagram posts

22 Sep 2021


high score

A bit of sillyness in a book.

avoid missing ball for high score avoid missing ball for high score avoid missing ball for high score

β€œthe computer games industry had travelled far in the other direction, loading their games with extensive instruction manuals, hint books, novellas, lengthy filmed introductions and so forth, all in an attempt to give the games more weight, more depth.” more from quoted post (

on instagram (

on instagram (

01 Sep 2021


Photos from England

infinite spiral poster in a street closeup of fairgrounds perchin bird in a reflection wind power waters

A collection of photos in and about England.

05 Aug 2021


Photos from 2008 in Japan

locks temple blocks wood stairs tree to roof blocks temple2 entrance stone

garden, buildings and more.

22 Jul 2021


science of sleep and more

science of sleep anime dr pepper augmented reality poster

Snaps of Japanese different styles. Here you can see many different forms of style.

Photos from 2008 in Japan.

22 Jul 2021


climbing Mount Fuji

mountain sign reaching top of mountain

A photo in from Nippon at 3,250m! Image was captured in July, 2008

18 Jun 2021