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digital-note: oh Snap from Carousels

Back in early 2000'sā€“1990s for me, this was a Marvel Entertainment computer-magazine driven PC development (found in demos). Creating animations that had a cartoon level drag-and-drop and even more animations! Similar to this web-find find (www.google.co.uk).

Experiences of this, go from studying towards university; and in university we applied the animation work in 3-Dimensional, flat, SMIL and more. Moving on to office work it had been named, "Carousels" in online-page design-and-development could be seen as similar animations.

In work the development was to build, develop, test, and continuing the development of animations/interactions. My favourite implementation started at ArtFinder sharing art works in Mobile/Tablet based Apps.

Nowadays, the interaction has gone from JavaScript to CSS with css-scroll-snap. Theres also a designer/developer talk at CSSDay in the Netherlands (cssday.nl).

Draft information can be found on the CSSWG site (drafts.csswg.org)

I blame author of Ajax books and other books Jeremy Keith (adactio.com) for this note.

22 Apr 2022