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digital-note: cards and dominoes in games

The game in pictures

I had a look at card-games... could be Rummy might be popular, again.

A puzzle game from pictures. You could, see it as a game of spot the difference and creative jigsaw puzzle playing. However, hopefully you'll know dominoes is known as a kind of game (en.wikipedia.org)

close up

Also, I have been partial to a pizza then and again...

In other games

Meanwhile; in card games/tradable-card games AKA TCG: there are so many of these games (en.wikipedia.org)

However! In the 1990's there can be found in 1993 or 1994, only 3–6 games were released. Fast-forward on from then... 40+ games published! There were a few odd computer-card-games that look in the open-source zone too. Some websites explain their mechanics and other different known facts.

18 September 2022

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