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hashtag #SpiralStaircase

infinite spiral

image captured in February, 2008

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18 Jun 2021

climbing Mount Fuji

mountain signreaching top of mountain

A photo in from Nippon at 3,250m! Image was captured in July, 2008

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18 Jun 2021


poster in a street

Picture was captured sometime in January, 2009

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20 Jun 2021


floating getting stuff done

From being in a crowd at Music Festival in Japan.

Picture was captured sometime in July, 2008

19 Jun 2021


closeup of fairgrounds

Picture was captured sometime in November, 2008

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21 Jun 2021

about "PESOS"

photo off south america

Picture was captured sometime in May, 2021

Indieweb ( for example reasons.

22 Jun 2021


photo of inca ruins from a distance

Picture was captured sometime in May, 2021

23 Jun 2021

crazy discoveries

mountain side uphill trek

Like graffiti this portrait framing is a crazy kind-of magic. Climbing is difficult at times. Sometimes an uphill trek; sometimes requiring effort. Hidden in yourself you can find success in every trek.You could say it is similar to parts of a game such as a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).

Picture was captured sometime in May, 2021

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23 Jun 2021



23 Jun 2021


man in city sunset trekking

24 Jun 2021


game taito station

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24 Jun 2021


perching bird in a reflection

Perching bird in a reflection.

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26 Jun 2021



Consider more

26 Jun 2021

wind power

wind power

Links to wind power (

Picture was captured sometime in July, 2007

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18 Jun 2021

solar power

solar power

Links to solar power (

Picture was captured sometime in July, 2009

System achieves new level of efficiency in harnessing sunlight to make fresh potable water from seawater. (

27 Jun 2021


brdg ovr rvrs

bridge, bridge over rivers.

29 Jun 2021

multiple crossings

multiple crossings

taken at same time by some other photographer.

1 Jul 2021



nice little photo of ducks

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1 Jul 2021

pop tarts

pop tarts

Picture inspired by Great British Photography Challenge (

6 Jul 2021

catch fake

didnt see that one (a soccer play ( coming 😨

15 Jul 2021

Track hotness from BBC Radio

A Spotify track (

Heard on Shaun Keavny Radio6 show (

Other artist on the same track (

14 Jul 2021

Premier League Assists

Part one of the assists (

Part two of the assists (

17 Jul 2021

science of sleep and more

science of sleepaugmented reality postercan of dr pepper sodadistracting billboardpizza salesurprising windows

Snaps of Japanese different styles. Here you can see many different forms of style.

Photos from 2008 in Japan.

22 Jul 2021

Photos from 2008 in Japan

locks templeblocks wood stairstree to roofblocks temple2entrancestone

garden, buildings and more.

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22 Jul 2021

Photos from England

infinite spiralposter in a streetcloseup of fairgroundsperchin bird in a reflectionwind powerwaters

A collection of photos in and about England.

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05 Aug 2021

Water Puppetry

Giant water puppet laugh out louds? No thanks. Here are water puppets – GIF/Hyperlink (… ( For those not in the know, the art of water puppetry is known in Vietnam as Múa rối nước. Meaning ‘making puppets dance on water’. Similar to one of those spoilers.

Hyperlink (

A Brief History of Hanoi's Water Puppet Theatre via @culturetrip (

Hyperlink (

11 Aug 2021

profile pictures

kaichanvong profile pictures

Profile picture links to social media channels --updated 28 October 2021

13 Aug 2021

a nice GG (good-game)

Played a game of Warcraft having experimented with settings; also seeing how Blizzard apply colour to gaming (in reforged).

Targeting: 4 footmen. 4 riflemen. 4 priest. 4 knights. 1 ogre warrior. 6 siege engines.

  • Builds 1 alter of kings (Ulther Paladin for heal party)
  • Gets experience from gnolls creeps
  • Walks into forest
  • Gets natural expand point of Ogre Magi, Troll creeps, footmen at 1hp
  • More experience from ogre and troll creeps
  • Use regeneration and builders to continue
  • Expands Town Hall on expand point (ToD's Town Hall further-in-notes)
  • Builds in Blacksmith; new armour (Grubby said look at the shield and more)
  • Moves to see opposite expand point
  • Runs away from big fight!
  • Discovers naughty archer at tavern
  • Builds farms between tower-defense.
  • Priests arrive (its not Hearthstone)
  • Builds lumber mill #2 at expand point
  • All the way from a Mercenary Camp this ogre warrior appears!
  • This 1hp footman runs away from combat
  • Runs away!
  • Warrior goes to opposite mine
  • Knight goes to opposite mine at expand point
  • Siege engine destroy entire enemy base
  • Siege engine attacked by peasants (one gets destroyed?)
  • Game over!

A nice GG!

ToD's Town Hall Meeting (

Fast Expand: A WarCraft 3 Podcast – HeroesHearth TV (

peasant minion card from Hearthstone (

Warcraft3 TheoryCraft out there somewhere

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16 Aug 2021

a 90s photo of yourself

kaichanvong profile pictures

"Post a 90s photo of yourself without comment or context" on Twitter

17 Aug 2021


A thought, see if available in-store. Paid £10 for season 1 alone! (edit: Oh! I now remember eventually getting season 2) Found a bargain for this great show ( 🐶📺🎼

Few good alternate sitcoms can be found on this BBC link (

18 Aug 2021

pub, sub, reveal, delete

from working for the UK Learning Resouce Centre groups; some of this info is useful and good to know about pub, sub, reveal, delete Twitter link (

"GDPR significantly strengthened a number of rights: individuals found themselves with more power to demand companies reveal or delete the personal data they hold" Twitter link (

What is GDPR and why does the UK want to reshape its data laws? (

Twitter link (

27 Aug 2021

high score

A bit of sillyness in a book.

avoid missing ball for high scoreavoid missing ball for high scoreavoid missing ball for high score

“the computer games industry had travelled far in the other direction, loading their games with extensive instruction manuals, hint books, novellas, lengthy filmed introductions and so forth, all in an attempt to give the games more weight, more depth.” more from quoted post (

on instagram (

on instagram (

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01 Sep 2021

Children’s code/Age Appropriate Design Code

Age Appropriate Design Code mandates apps to take ‘best interests’ of child users into account
link to uk-childrens-digital-privacy-code-comes-into-effect (

Blog: As the Children’s code comes in – what’s next?
link to UK children’s digital privacy code comes into effect (

new code has come into force to help protect the data and privacy of children
Tech giants forced to abide by child protection rules coming into force (

"... Age Appropriate Design Code – now the Children’s Code – has caused huge global changes. Not that tech platforms want to admit it"
Britain tamed Big Tech and nobody noticed (

02 Sep 2021

stories in graphic novels

adult swim interlude bedtimeadult swim of crimson dawn cosplayadult swim happeninggentlemen_league_interludegentlemen_league-discoveries-can-be-interestingxmen_magneto_onslaught_episodexmen_prof_x_onslaught_episodexmen_kicks1xmen_julilee_logan_crossovergen x monet jubileegen x come to mecrimson_dawn_3crimson_dawn_2crimson_dawn_1xmen_starjammers2_crossoverxmen_shiar_starjammers_crossoverxmen_brood_crossover2xmen_brood_crossoverxmen_legion_crossoverxmen_shiar_prof_x_crossoverxmen_comics

More pictures from Brood, Gamecube colour (the Twitch discussion) in comments on twitter link (

instagram link ( for more of these instagram posts

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22 Sep 2021

collections screen

collections screen

28 Sep 2021

cyclists today


Here is a clever stat seen during travels that notices cyclists by the count out there.

Ask for better photo of this----

18 Oct 2021

Glasses notes

there are books, pictures for this tech; it can be incredibly rewarding ... 🤯😵‍💫👾🤔

kai wearing glasses from graphic novel

12:59 pm · 21 Oct 2021

other #throwback that demonstrates the awesomeness

kai wearing glasses from cinema

1:13 pm · 21 Oct 2021

twitter link (

23 Oct 2021 sc2 (suggestions)

The suggestions can be seen in gaming-note link

Explored at sc2 link (

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8 Nov 2021

Name lengths in games

A golden Stormpike Marshall from Hearthstone:

image showing card for Stormpike Marshall

Websites also sharing this slight inaccuracy:

  1. Hearthpwn
  2. Hearthstone Top Decks

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21 Dec 2021

a snowman

photographs of UK snow days back in 2009 (2009-02-02):

snowman risingsnowman and mini snowmanmini snowman dashingmini snowman duck face

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22 Dec 2021

what ever happened to flickr (techspot)

Having been a pro user of Flickr (a group of work colleagues suggested I look into it) for years the site Flickr continues to be "happening" for me; given this site link: (

The ( headline... as ever, a good one! Though, I'm not one of those users at tech spot? However they are power-users of images -pictures (right?).

The cookies on Flickr? Given theres many other links for photography. Offering different directions for keeping your photography (personal or otherwise). For the best photographers? Be careful out there... it is photography!

Note: Techspot is a leading technology publication established in 1998.

What Ever Happened to Flickr? -- Hacker News (

This kaichanvong comment note (

29 Dec 2021

CSS Reset Stylesheet

On "November 28th, 2021", shared the following CSS Reset link ( is linked from a page (, better to look on: Meyerweb for diagnostic css stylesheet (

There is also a (in)famous “meyerweb reset” ( within the MeyerWeb tools.

07 Jan 2022

Emoji of a Lion (and image)

There is a lion emoji graphic... 🦁

While, here is a of a real lion picture-image. See on instagram (

lion in captivity

10 Jan 2022

Photos from Zoo conservation (on instagram)

zoo conservationzoo conservationzoo conservationzoo conservationzoo conservationzoo conservationzoo conservation

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13 Jan 2022

Firework display pictures

At New Years it was a great time for watching shows. Seeing fireworks on the television, the light displays, discovering new and the past (music, stories and more). Some of these pictures are from the past!

firework display 1 firework display 2 firework display 3 firework display 4 firework display 5 firework display 6 firework display 7 firework display 8

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19 Jan 2022