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My handle is CRiMiSoN for years, I now also sometimes use CrimisonK.

With a background in making and studies of video-games, personal computer-games and computer games. I have been following eSports for years.

For eSports to follow; YouTube, Twitch and others are a great place to start; Sujoy's Twitter connects professionally into eSports.

Within this e-Sports genre you can find other computer and video gaming heroes such as Bds, HeatoN, Thorin, K-Sharp, RedBeard and many other gamers. Playing friendly and competitive online games of CS:1.6, Q3A, War3 and others.

I once wrote a paper on "e-Sports going Mainstream", had columns online for esreality, SoGamed, SK-Gaming and others; continue to keep play and keep track of single-player games, online-games and more; and hoping for the best.

Duncan Thorin's thoughts – who is k-sharp? on YouTube

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