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Starting design

Having started learning design & technology in school for a class, one summer I began to read from a book. Learning how to build, do and go from there to different stages of further-education is key.

Phases of design / Project colour

I started off doing a project based often in a specific Color. In groups often I went towards a different or similar colour. At college it was a colour that connected to name; in others it often connected to their identity. Looking through some of this you can see I have often gone towards colour for phases of my life.

Turquoise for doing, red for hold in group (teaming).

turquoise for enlightened

Now back towards a more subtle . I believe the noisy the more clearer on the medium of online websites. Communication is always key. Communication through design being key. Going from Hyperlinks to Links; we should be able to connect far more easily and communicate our intentions.

designs from kaivong.com

for other designs linked see portfolio for more, below is a collection of past designs of kaivong.com;