2007 Tweets

  1. 2007/12/31 The new tumblrlog design is getting there - still work in progress though!
  2. 2007/12/31 Thinks the tumblrlog is getting there - still work in progress though!
  3. 2007/12/30 I love working with Tumblr and hope it loves me working with it...
  4. 2007/12/30 Extremely grateful for all the cool clothes & presents he got for xmas
  5. 2007/12/29 Loves his new coat and scarf - thank you Santa!
  6. 2007/12/27 is off to see the wizard
  7. 2007/12/26 Has eleven stars!
  8. 2007/12/25 had a great Christmas meal!
  9. 2007/12/20 Is going to be very ready for hot chocolate!
  10. 2007/12/16 Sketching ideas up for the redesign of the Tumblr log
  11. 2007/12/16 Really starting to love Tumblr's theme editor
  12. 2007/12/16 Taste sensation creation completed!
  13. 2007/12/15 Playing on the wii!
  14. 2007/12/15 Wonders how rich he would be for every spacer.gif he has deleted...
  15. 2007/12/13 Is all imaxed out!
  16. 2007/12/13 Tis the season to be frosted!
  17. 2007/12/7 Was harassed by the farm doggy
  18. 2007/12/6 Waiting patiently for the lincoln xmas market to start!
  19. 2007/12/6 Hi ho, its off to lincoln i go!
  20. 2007/12/4 Just seen stacy of eastenders near a set for i guess DR WHO
  21. 2007/11/30 Just saw the darjeeling limited
  22. 2007/11/29 Rain drops keep falling on my head...
  23. 2007/11/29 Could murder a curry
  24. 2007/11/27 Wondering what today will bring
  25. 2007/11/26 Looking forward to a holiday soon
  26. 2007/11/26 Down... But not out
  27. 2007/11/22 Has come up with beer backpack
  28. 2007/11/21 Mitie.co.uk
  29. 2007/11/21 has changed something on the jg bout us page
  30. 2007/11/19 Wishing i had an umbrella
  31. 2007/11/18 is too tired to watch all of Digg nation tonight!
  32. 2007/11/18 Loading icons can be annoying if they go round lots and indicate bugger all
  33. 2007/11/17 Doing a light bit of css coding
  34. 2007/11/17 Is off to ikea
  35. 2007/11/16 Today its so cold that my hands have gone white
  36. 2007/11/15 Brrrr! Need long johns.
  37. 2007/11/14 Walking up the valley home
  38. 2007/11/13 A nice person said sorry for talking loud.. Every day is a suprise!
  39. 2007/11/13 off to the Royale Albert hall to test out the new camera. Flickr watch out!
  40. 2007/11/13 Thought 'yes man' was the best book to have been read in a long time
  41. 2007/11/12 Not enjoying the queue for food shopping!
  42. 2007/11/12 Heading home...
  43. 2007/11/12 Thinks it's time to go to work
  44. 2007/11/11 Is weighing in at 96.8Kg and wonders what si is at...
  45. 2007/11/11 Looking forward to meeting his new camera tommorrow
  46. 2007/11/11 Enjoyed the great vegetarian and eco friendly wedding!
  47. 2007/11/11 Editing the blog site but there is lots to be done still..
  48. 2007/11/9 is now being followed by http://twitter.com/21c .. Hi there!
  49. 2007/11/9 loving flock 2 but 1.0 not 2.0!
  50. 2007/11/9 singing, 'somethin inside so strong... I know i can make it!'
  51. 2007/11/5 Wonders what will be for dinner!
  52. 2007/11/5 Now heading into work!
  53. 2007/11/5 At the dentists!
  54. 2007/11/2 Dreamweaver... memory ... crash
  55. 2007/11/1 Video talk on monday
  56. 2007/11/1 Want! Guitar hero 3.
  57. 2007/11/1 Zzz z z
  58. 2007/10/28 Reading my new graphic novel/epic comic - 'blankets' by Craig Thompson.
  59. 2007/10/26 Off home for some rest!
  60. 2007/10/22 Halloween is at Justgiving.com!
  61. 2007/10/22 Off to work.. To start the change!
  62. 2007/10/21 Just written a new blog on kaivong.com
  63. 2007/10/20 Setting up imified bot for msn - imified.com
  64. 2007/10/20 Testing out twitterfeedz
  65. 2007/10/20 Going to sleep!
  66. 2007/10/19 Heroes. Season 2. Oh yeah.
  67. 2007/10/19 Transport for london... Sucks
  68. 2007/10/19 Waiting for a train. Choo i choose you!
  69. 2007/10/17 Thinking bout planting a tree...
  70. 2007/10/15 Looks like its time to go home and curl up into a ball
  71. 2007/10/15 is rudolf the red nosed raindeer today
  72. 2007/10/12 Check for dans funds as a charity...
  73. 2007/10/9 I am teaching sophie to twitter... On twitter.
  74. 2007/10/3 Passion doesnt grow on trees. It grows on me.
  75. 2007/9/21 I own a moo card - do you?
  76. 2007/8/19 feeling pretty full up now...
  77. 2007/8/18 is looking at sinks and suprised that stanto still twitters!
  78. 2007/8/18 Looking at sinks
  79. 2007/8/18 uploading photos then off to look at flats
  80. 2007/6/14 Helpful charity blog
  81. 2007/5/5 On bbc 1 at about 7Am they talked about kiva in a good light
  82. 2007/5/1 My teeth are sparklin now!
  83. 2007/4/27 Rho just broke a lighter of si's
  84. 2007/4/26 Like the apprentice but with real art here i go...
  85. 2007/4/21 Si put the time down wrong for being at the expo ooops
  86. 2007/4/20 So far we have 3 of our users on video with their take on justgiving and their experiences... More to come soon
  87. 2007/4/19 Lol almost there now this is train number 7
  88. 2007/4/19 Just seen there ikea adverts which look like a tube map - usability low
  89. 2007/4/19 Miss a train by 5 seconds... Wait 5 minutes... Not long til i get there. Oh and i got us another laptop
  90. 2007/4/19 Got stuff now to run
  91. 2007/4/19 The tube is a nightmare today! Just got to old street 4 the pod will be a bit late
  92. 2007/4/19 Am off to work to pick up the tripod then to the flora london marathon... To meet our users ( justing ones not heroine ones )
  93. 2007/4/18 Is off to the future of web design conference today
  94. 2007/4/18 fowd conference is quite interesting stuff about yellow balls and characters! More in the blog soon
  95. 2007/4/14 wonders why he was twittered in the middle of the ocean on Twittervision.
  96. 2007/4/14 Weather is so nice... time to go relax in the sunshine methinks
  97. 2007/4/12 Is thinking that the format rock so much
  98. 2007/4/10 Wonders how long before more people he knows will use twitter instead of txtin .... Parties via twitter ... How cool
  99. 2007/4/1 blogged about my tile that has gone on a to a temple in korea with Justgiving and my name on
  100. 2007/3/27 My mobile officially sucks. It cant play the transformers theme tune even in G3P mode
  101. 2007/3/26 flash mobs... omg... it's almost like in Black & White where you get people to worship you.. http://tinyurl.com/22q2gk
  102. 2007/3/25 asking a question on twitter is pretty pointless... if only I could tag my twitters or something
  103. 2007/3/25 Is there anyone online from Japan at the moment? I just wondered if you could tell me about the Earthquake as my parents are there atm. thx
  104. 2007/3/19 it's snowing here in England!!!
  105. 2007/3/19 Taken out the bins and it rained on me!!!
  106. 2007/3/18 Now twitter works inside netvibes! Baby steps I guess.
  107. 2007/3/18 Ended up using my birthday gift voucher from GAME on the new Wii Sonic game. It's pretty cool... think I will leave the ds for now
  108. 2007/3/18 Game at lakeshed has No tiger in the woods on the wee so it is off to the blue water for me!
  109. 2007/3/15 Wireless stuff is great... Cept for the fact its more easy to lose
  110. 2007/3/12 At work and editing the look of the Justgiving.com about us section.