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About Kai

Hi! I'm called Kai and I am from London, England, the United-of-Kingdoms.

I studied in the north of England at Teesside University computer-games design, and wrote a paper on eSports going mainstream, web-development and design. Designing websites as a hobby. I also had a part-time job in the university library; following on from school.

After my studies, I moved back to work in London for a company by the name of JustGiving. Just before this I picked up a contract working on Party-Gaming.

Following on almost four years, I moved to London art startup Artfinder. I was lucky to have made a lot of connections at both; getting to know people somewhat and learning to help out. At that startup I worked with museums; apps in America and England. As artfinder began talks moving the website away from Art History to Selling Art.

I moved over to a different team by the name of Dressipi to work on the fashion and retail.

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